• Euroquilt Lumbar Support Feather Mattress Toppers

60% off the RRP's included! Dùsal UK / Euroquilt are a respected family run business that are still manufacturing in the UK today and delivering outstanding quality products in Duvets, pillows, mattress toppers and protectors to quality retailers, 4 & 5 star hotels and the customer who expects more…. All of Dùsal UK / Euroquilt fillings be them Natural or synthetic are carefully sourced in Europe and NOT the far east and so meet all current high standards required and also all their natural products do carry the no mite and down afresh accreditations.

The lumbar topper has been cleverly designed and developed with an extra deep-fill section just where you need it which gives exceptional support & comfort to the lower back area, to help relieve backache and tension which ensures a restful night’s sleep every night!!  It moulds naturally to the full length of your body for maximum support & comfort, even when sleeping on your front or side. It is advisable to consult your GP if you have consistent back pain.

Hand filled in Scotland with super soft small duck feather, it quite simply fits on top of your existing mattress to provide the extra comfort & support. The lumbar support topper has a twin seam box construction, to help maintain the shape, and pure 100% cotton cambric covers for durability with elasticated corners to hold the topper firmly on the bed. This ingenious topper is fire retardant.

Single 90cm x 190cm - RRP £160.00 Our Price £64.00

Double 135cm 190cm - RRP £220.00 Our Price £88.00

King 150cm x 200cm - RRP £255.00 Our Price £102.00

Super/King 180cm x 200cm - RRP £300.00 Our Price £120.00

Euroquilt Lumbar Support Feather Mattress Toppers

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